The links must be ideally optimized so that they can be placed on your pages and then submitted and get you the required ranking. Generally, the home page is used for the submission process that the directories use. This page must have the relevant keywords which have to well researched in advance before submission and see that the fit the SEO criterion. The keywords must be on point as they must not the most used words and yet unique for your site description. There is an anchor test that need not be overloaded with keywords. The webmaster must make an approval get the link for specific keywords, it shouldn’t be too promotional in a way but relevant to the topic. Make sure you make it to the directory list.

Avoid Keyword Over-Optimization

The search engines are equipped to keep a check on the anchor text spamming. If you happen to make use of several links from a specific anchor, the text will be not be considered. Checking out different directories would be a good option. The good description of the website is required with relevant keywords but not overloading with promotional or far more than it should contain. It should do nothing with you being the best and biggest or even the most powerful ones that exist. This will just not go in line with what the editor has in mind. The repetition of words are also not a great thing to avoid.

Making the right choice of the category in which you want your website to be listed is very important the wrong choice will get you no where and effect your rankings greatly by not getting the selection right you are putting yourself in a jeopardy. The right choice will enable faster search results in the search engine hence ensuring better visibility. The visitors must locate your site and if it doesn’t fall into a category in which they are searching for it will not be noticed at all and the whole point of being online is defeated. Try to break through in directory list.

Once the submission is made, then its difficult to make any changes, so the optimization must be done before hand. You would have ample keyword research as this will lead to the optimization that the search engines look out for. The keywords must be implemented in such a way that they must be used online and off-line impact, this goes a long for a better ranking. The generation of traffic for the site. Here each page with relevant keyword usage will play role in the ranking of your website