If you are suspected in doing some abnormal activities on twitter, it may break the terms of use, so your twitter account will get suspended without even any prior notice. Also, there may be case where the twitter hangs up your account by simply mistake. But if your twitter account is suspended in single day, there are some easy possible ways and procedures available to follow for getting back your account or recover Twitter password that includes:

  • When you try to log into your twitter account and get a message like sorry, you just understand that your account has been suspended due to violent activity
  • The foremost thing you need to do is to keep yourself unruffled and calm or you want to write a polite message to the twitter site and check what is happening to your account
  • In order to restore your suspended twitter account, you have to submit a request at help.twitter.com/
  • If possible, you can also create another new twitter account with the new username and password

Methods to continue safely using Twitter

When you want to continue using your twitter account very safely, you just want to follow these methods very carefully that include:

  • Initially, you log into the account on a web or just open your twitter app on android or iOS
  • You will view a prompt and let you know your account has been locked. Click on Start button
  • Choose your region/ country from a drop down menu and enter your mobile number
  • Click on send code and twitter will send you a text message with a proper confirmation code
  • Type the code you received in the your code box and then click on submit
  • Now, you will see a message that your account is unlocked
  • Once you confirm your identity, it may take up a few minutes for your account to be unlocked

Reactivate your Twitter account

With 313 million active users across the world, now twitter is one of the most admired social networks. Even, the users of this network appreciate its reliability, simplicity and convenience. As per the recent reports, as much as 1.5 billion users have a twitter account, but they do not really utilize it. If lost or forgotten their twitter login credentials, presently twitter provides so many various possible ways on how can you recover Twitter password account?