The Ripple is a payment solution company that was founded by Jed McCaleb and Chris Larsen where their ripple transaction protocol contains the XRP ripple cryptocurrency. The ripple cryptocurrency claims to offer the reliable, adorable and faster transaction solutions to the financial institutions and this company has also created a hundred billion XRP currencies and it currently holds the 61% of the digital ripple currency coins. The current plan of this company is to release a billion ripple coins in a month. Ripple is a real time gross settlement system and it is used as a remittance network and place for exchanging the currency. By using the common ledgers the network is managed independently and it validates the servers constantly and compares the transaction records.

The ripple protocol is especially meant to enable the near direct and instant transfer of money between two parties and in this you can make exchange any type of currency from fiat currency to the gold to even airlines miles. They also claim to avoid the wait time and fees of traditional banking and even the cryptocurrency transactions through exchanges.

How to buy the ripple cryptocurrency

There are two main ways to buy the ripple either you can directly purchase ripple cryptocurrency using debit/credit card or you can also purchase it through exchange. However buying the ripple cryptocurrency directly with USD is found to be easiest way in which not all the exchanges have this kind of capability. If you are interested in buying the digital ripple cryptocurrency for your trading business then first you need to know how to buy ripple digital cryptocurrency. According to the ripple website you can directly buy the ripple currency with your cash or through your credit card or bank account.

  • Create an account on Bitstamp and provide the required information, username and password will be sent to your email.
  • By using username and password log into your account and upload required documents and hit submit verification request.
  • Once verified go to your account and click “deposit” button and choose transfer method. In this select international wire transfer and fill information needed
  • Then by using the Bitstamp transfer your account details to bank to have the Bitstamp.
  • Once your transfer completed then you can choose the market you wish to exchange. Then go to buy/sell section and buy the ripple cryptocurrency (XRP) under instant order.

Although each cryptocurrency exchange is different you need to do some research for understanding the procedures and steps to do the exchange where this will help you to avoid any nefarious sites and you can also purchase your favorite cryptocurrency without any issues and delay.